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Urology Care Foundation

Top Three Reasons to Visit the Urology Care Foundation Booth in San Francisco

Don't Forget to Visit the Urology Care Foundation booth during AUA2018 in The Square!

  • Pick up FREE posters with interesting facts and patient information about common urologic conditions to hang up in your office or exam rooms.
  • Get FREE magazines for your waiting room – Sign up to receive a complimentary subscription to our award-winning patient magazine, UrologyHealth extra® for your office or practice.
  • Meet our Patient Advocates – The Foundation will be hosting the 5th Annual Patient Advocacy Hub. The Hub will feature organizations that raise awareness and provide patient services for urologic conditions. Stop by the Hub to learn how the Urology Care Foundation and patient advocacy organizations make a difference in patients' lives.

Check back for a complete list of participating patient advocacy groups and schedule of events.